Hind Technologies can claim the SEO credit for a website that has been optimized by us. Hind Technologies will require full access to the website’s FTP information, CMS details, and server statistics in order to deliver successful SEO service.

The deliverables may change according to search engine algorithms, which are outside of Hind Technologies’s control. Hind Technologies disclaims any liability for any performance issues brought on by modifications to search engine algorithms. Based on the most recent Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird Updates, all of the submissions we made are done at the PR level or higher.

Hind Technologies would like a response within 2 to 3 business days whenever client input is requested. This will speed up the procedure for Hind Technologies. Hind Technologies won’t be considered responsible for any performance losses brought on by these delays. The project will begin with finalized keywords; any changes made afterward will not be taken into account for performance evaluation.

The ranking gained will depend on the keyphrases chosen, their level of competition, algorithm updates, and optimization consistency. When a client chooses to use SEO tags, the client must upload the tags within 2 to 3 days following Hind Technologies’s recommendations. On WordPress and HTML platforms, SEO is well supported. Wix is not an SEO-friendly platform, therefore final results could differ from what was expected. The Consultant is not liable for alterations made to the website by third parties that have a negative impact on the Website’s rankings in search engines.

In no case shall CONSULTANT be considered liable to CLIENT or any other person for re-procurement expenses, profits lost, company disruption, loss of use, or accidental/consequential losses, loss of investments, loss of anticipated savings, capital costs, or additional administrative costs, loss of customers, loss of goodwill, or reputation, regardless of whether the incident was caused by the carelessness, fault, error, absence, behave, or violation of Consultant, its employees, or contractors. The Consultant’s total legal responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the Contract shall not exceed the invoiced amount of the SEO costs for a single month’s time.

Any written content, illustrations, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided by the Client to the Consultant for inclusion on the Website is guaranteed to belong to the Client or to have been authorized for use by the owner(s) by the Client, and the Client guarantees that the Consultant will be held harmless, protected, and defended from any liability or suit resulting from the use of such elements.

The Consultant is not liable if the Client uploads over or modifies previously given or optimized SEO work to the Website. Whenever and with one month’s written notice describing the reasons for the termination, either partner may end the association. In the event of such termination, the Client shall only be required to pay for the Consultant’s actual services rendered and for expenses authorized by the Client.

Despite our commitment to provide our clients with the finest services possible, Hind Technologies makes no guarantees regarding the outcomes and will not be considered accountable for [specify liability that Hind Technologies does not undertake]. For instance, the consultant is not liable if the client changes SEO work already done on the website (e.g., uploading over or modifying work already provided/optimized)]

In the case of such termination, the Client shall only be required to pay for the Consultant’s actual services provided and for expenses authorized by the Client.
No Hiring. For a period of three years following the date of this Agreement, the Client agrees that neither it nor any of its affiliates would directly or indirectly recruit for hiring or hire any staff members of the Consultant or any of the affiliates it owns.

Consultant has no influence over search engine policies about the kinds of websites and/or material that they currently or in the future permit. The search engine or directory has the exclusive authority to refuse to list the Client’s website in any directory or search engine at any time.

The Consultant cannot guarantee rankings for any specific keyword, phrase, or search term, or as mutually decided upon between the parties, due to the difficulty of some keywords/phrases, constant changes in search engine ranking algorithms, & other factors. Search engines occasionally modify their listings of websites for no obvious or foreseeable cause. Frequently, even without any more SEO Services, the listing will reappearance.

All SEO efforts might be severely harmed by linking to “flagged” websites. Without first consulting the Client, the Consultant disclaims all responsibility for the Client’s decision to link to or receive a link from any specific website.

Relevant taxes applicable on all INR-denominated payments.

The client consents to give the following in order to receive expert SEO services:
>> Access to current Website traffic information is unrestricted for analysis and tracking purposes, as needed or as both parties have mutually agreed.
>> Authorization for Consultant to use the Client’s names, photos, logos, trademarks, website images, brochures, content, etc. for any purpose.


These Terms and Conditions govern the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and advertising services provided by Hind Technologies on various platforms, including Google and social media channels. By engaging in our PPC and advertising services, you agree to comply with these terms.

Hind Technologies offers PPC and advertising services, including campaign management, optimization, and reporting. Users are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information for advertising campaigns. Users must adhere to the terms and policies of the advertising platforms, including Google and social media channels. All advertising campaigns are subject to approval by the respective platforms. Hind Technologies reserves the right to refuse or cancel any campaign at its discretion. Users agree to pay for advertising services as per the agreed-upon terms. Payments are non-refundable once the advertising campaign is launched. Hind Technologies will optimize and manage PPC campaigns to achieve the best possible results. Users may request adjustments to campaigns, which will be considered based on feasibility and platform policies. Hind Technologies is not responsible for any discrepancies in third-party reporting.

Users retain ownership of their intellectual property provided for advertising campaigns. Hind Technologies retains the right to use campaign data for analytical and optimization purposes. Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their advertising content. Hind Technologies is not responsible for any legal consequences resulting from non-compliance. Either party may terminate PPC and advertising services with written notice. Hind Technologies reserves the right to terminate services for non-compliance with these terms. Hind Technologies is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from the use of PPC and advertising services

The Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time by Hind Technologies without former notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@hindtechzone.com.

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